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How to Fight and Win the Next Space War


Space Warfare Theory, Policy, Doctrine, Strategies and Tactics

Space Battle Tactics

Space Policy

Foundational Doctrine

Space Grand Strategy

Analysis of fundamental command decision-making processes for how a future space war may evolve, and what are the issues space commanders’ must address in order to fight and win this next space war.

Essential “Rules” by which the next space war should be conducted. Based on analyses of past military history, and of classical Military Principles of War and Sun Tzu's Art of War applicability to Space Warfare.

Due to the remoteness of satellites and large distances involved, space warfare adds new, and subtler rungs on the conflict escalation ladder, where countries can express intent and resolve to their adversaries without necessarily inducing terrestrial conflict.

 Potential levels of space weapons employment political acceptability, according to which conflict level exists at the time. This allows better understanding of conflict escalation control during both terrestrial and space conflicts.

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