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How to Fight and Win the Next Space War

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How to Fight and Win the Next Space War

Paul Szymanski

Space Strategies Center


Mr. Szymanski has extensive experience in all fields related to space control: policy, strategy, simulations, surveillance, survivability, threat assessment, long-range strategic planning, and command and control. In addition, he has a comprehensive experience base, having worked directly with multiple services (Air Force, Army, Navy, Marines), civilian agencies (NASA, DARPA, FEMA), and from the Pentagon (Secretary of the Air Force) to systems development (Space and Missile Systems Center), technology development (Air Force Research Lab) to operational field test (China Lake Naval Test Center). This gives him a unique perspective in understanding the divergent issues associated with each step of the DOD procurement process.

Mr. Szymanski has also participated in fifteen different military exercises involving space and terrestrial warfighting operations in simulated Battle Management, Command and Control (BMC2) centers. Many of these were at the Joint and Combined (international allies) integrated levels of engagement. 

Mr. Szymanski has forty-six years’ experience in military operations research. Ten of those years have been in supporting the Secretary of the Air Force at the Pentagon addressing higher-level policy issues prompted by Congress. He also managed or participated in twelve different advanced concept architecture studies. For seven years, he worked in the development office of the Space and Missile Systems Center (SMC/XRJ). Here he helped manage classified programs in the $100’s million range.

Mr. Szymanski developed groundbreaking algorithms while supporting the Satellite Assessment Center (SatAC - AFRL/RDST) for: Space strategies, tactics & requirements development; auto space object mission assessment, space object change of state detection, and space attack strategy assessment; Space attack intelligence indicators development; Automatic space systems scenario generation software tool design; Spacecraft rendezvous simulations; Satellite Threat Envelope visualizations; Space Choke Point display development; Space Principles of War analysis; Space Centers of Gravity analysis; Space Escalation Ladder analysis; Space Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace (IPB) software development; Satellite databases development; Orbital optimizations; Military requirements database; Space scenarios development; SSA data collection tracking software development; and, Military communications network vulnerabilities analyses.

Mr. Szymanski is avaialable for technical and policy consultation services, either remotely, or at your work location.

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